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Love Strong

Joe’s new single ‘Love Strong’ is now available on all online music platforms.

“With an instantly memorable chorus it is more confirmation that Joe Martin is becoming one of the foremost singer songwriters on the UK circuit.” - W21 Music

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Small World EP

Joe released his EP 'Small World' the night he played his Bluebird debut. Since, he has toured the EP around the UK, and has received praise for the five track collective from online magazines including Americana UK and Six Shooter Country. 

"Musically there are some really soaring moments mixed with raw heart-wrenching and, with the right nurturing and people behind him, Joe can go places as an artist." 

 - Six Shooter Country

"Spiritually he’s rooted in the 1970s American singer-songwriter world of Don McLean, Jackson Browne and James Taylor. These songs amply demonstrate that he’s worthy of a seat at their high table."

- Americana UK


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