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Joe Martin releases his debut album Empty Passenger Seat under independent label
White Rabbit Records, founded in partnership with Peter Barton Management.

Peter’s former label Organic Mountain Records boasted a roster of artists including Rick Wakeman, Noel Redding, Gerry Conway, Bev Bevan, Paul Jones, Jerry Donahue, Mick Gallagher and many more… The album, inspired by Joe’s trials and tribulations as a working musician on the road, brings together a breadth of work spanning over five years... Staying true to Martin’s story telling style, each song has its own tale to tell, evoking themes from love and loss to hope and despair. The striking Ford Capri album artwork, along with the stirring compositions takes the listener on a journey, from the frustrated angst of an artist being ‘sold a rock and roll delusion’, to the rousing and uplifting anthem of ‘Amelia’. The songs are as varied as the beautiful artwork locations dotting the album sleeve and lyric booklet. This 12 track album stands on its own as a testament to Martin's songwriting prowess...

Joe explains the inception of the album concept; ‘I had been sat on these songs for a long time, but wanted to wait until I had the right collection of songs that would work together as an album. Empty Passenger Seat, written on tour at the end of 2021, was the song that tied the album and concept together. Being on the road, missing home, dreaming of what the future holds and what lies beyond the horizon that you’re traveling towards.’

Joe will be taking Empty Passenger Seat on the road for a 15 date UK tour this April with his band and will deliver a show not to be missed! Playing venues in London, Hampshire, Devon, Wales, Scotland and north west England. A full list of dates can be found here.


Billed as 'a night of new wave Americana, with stories and songs that will move the deepest parts of your soul’.

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The plan around releasing the album is slightly unconventional as Joe explains;

‘I have decided to only release the album in physical form as a CD before and during the April tour. I want to make a point of bringing people’s attention to the fact that big streaming platforms, as convenient as they are for the user, leave artists will little to nothing to show for their work... My plan is to only sell physical pre-orders and copies of the album on tour to create a feeling of exclusivity around the release. Once the tour has concluded, it will be released on all the main streaming platforms on May 1st... I don’t know whether this is a good idea or not, but indie artists need to try and raise awareness that the streaming models aren’t working for us financially. I think a lot of fans and listeners realise that and are happy to support artists by buying physical...’


The title track of the album Empty Passenger Seat is out now!
If you want to be a part of this young artist’s debut release, you can preorder the Empty
Passenger Seat album here and find your closest tour show here.


For more information visit

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